Enoch Confronts Fallen Angels

This illustration is from an eyewitness account by God's scribe Enoch —Steve Quayle

Artist Brian Snoddy

The Judgment

Scene Two

The falling away: There will be no intervention for those who left there (sic) first estate. But there will be intervention for man!

This place was different from Earth. The plants were plush and green. The sun was not the source of warmth. The planet itself gave off ground heat to offset the distance and cold of space. There is more then one moon and the sky is deep blue with thin clouds.

Through the foliage he could see strange beings in the air. They fly around in a hectic pace as if there were some urgent issue at hand. These beings are tall winged creatures with strengths unknown to mankind. They are the Anakin: the men of renown; legends of old; the sons of God!

The prophet moved through the plush vegetation to a place of clearing. There in the midst of the clearing was what could only be explained as a large dome with odd slots dug into the top. The winged beings were working hard to construct this dome as if time was running out for them.

Then the prophet witnessed the source of the problem setting atop a throne at the top of the dome watching while the others worked. Basking in his own glory and beauty. He was beautiful and magnificent to look upon. But there was something different about him now that he was outside of the fathers will: something defiled and corrupt.

The winged ones gathered around as the prophet opened his little book and laid it upon the stone resting before him. He began to pray and seek God’s will for what was to be done with those who had left their first estate and built a throne to the one who would put himself above the father! The one who, by his sin and his twisting of the Father’s word, caused the others to leave their first estate and fall from grace into defilement and reprobate minds, lusting after that which was not meant for them.

The prophet began to read from the book the names of those that had fallen and left their first estate. As he spoke the wings of those around him grew silent and fell limp and useless beside them. Chains and shackles appeared in mid air and chained the winged ones to the shackles and bound them.

What You Bind On Earth,
I Will Bind In The Heavens.
And What You Loose On Earth,
That I Shall Also Loose In Heaven

Scene Three

The green planet opened up in large craters all around the giants, swallowing them up and sealing them in their pits of torment. As the prophet continued to speak from the little book each name given to the fallen angelic beings, chains would bind them and shackles would draw them into there tomb.

Not all were sealed. Those who were not fallen gathered together the stones from which the fallen ones had cut for the building of their dome. From the stones they constructed pyramids on top of the seals to be a marker for those who would put themselves up on a throne, in the attempt to be God!

They would also be a marker of time and the craftsmanship of Enoch!

from The Chronicles of Enoch

reposted with permission from the Church of Philadelphia

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