Enoch Approaches Lucifer's Throne, 3284 B.C.

This illustration is from an eyewitness account by God's scribe Enoch —Steve Quayle

Artist Brian Snoddy

Awaiting the Calling!

The sun is beaming down on the golden sands of Egypt and the reflection gives the illusion of shimmering mirrors. In the background there is the noise of lifting, pushing, flapping wings and hammering on stone. A shadow is standing in the midst of the sand looking upward toward heaven and the heat rays of the beating sun.

He is covered in sackcloth and has a wide belt fashioned out of leather girding his loins. In one hand he holds firmly an aged book wrapped in sackcloth and hand written by him and the others. In the other hand he is holding a staff, which has camel hair and bone wrapped around it. Although he has been around from the beginning he shows no sign of aging past the age of twenty-eight years of life! His skin is caramel with a hint of red, his eye’s searching through time seeing both the past, present and recording the future.

As he looks upward into heaven, the sky turns dark, the water layer that covers the earth in a humidifying blanket begins to turn and boil. A voice from above the firmaments calls for him to come forward and listen. He falls face forward onto the ground and asks, “What is required of me, your servant?”

The voice from above replies, “They have left their first estate and are causing war in heaven. I shall destroy them from my sight and seek them where they hide from me! They have turned from me to follow pride, lust and power and have defiled their gifts and exchanged them for the lust of the flesh!”

The rushing of wind is felt all around the Recorder of Time. And then in the twinkling of an eye he is gone.

from The Chronicles of Enoch

reposted with permission from the Church of Philadelphia

Copyright © 2021 SteveQuayle All rights reserved.

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