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Divers find mystery 'jaws and skeleton' in Siberia's 'Loch Ness' Feb 7, 2013
A dozen divers braved legends of monsters and the coldest winter temperatures in a venture that is likely to go into the Guinness World Book of Records. Using an underwater scanner they discovered a jaw and skeletal remains that might be t... read more
Giant Finger Discovered! Feb 6, 2013
This mummified giant finger was found in Egypt in 1988 by Gregor Sporri. The finger was said to be 40 centimeters long (about 16 inches). Some estimate the finger would have had to come off of something about 16 foot tall. Some suggested it might... read more
Proof of Bigfoot? Group releases list of top 10 filmed encounters Jan 30, 2013
Founded in 2010, it’s the first social network dedicated to collecting, curating and analyzing Bigfoot photos and videos. “Our team and dedicated fans of this site find and authenticate real Bigfoot videos by researchers, accidentally an... read more
Bigfoot in Oregon? Roaring and Screeching Has Locals Spooked Jan 27, 2013
Bigfoot is in Oregon, according to a number of reports from local residents in the area. People living near the Indian reservation have reported that they have been woken up by strange sounds coming from the nearby forest. They have... read more
Close Encounters of the Skinwalking, Shapeshifting, Demonic Werewolf Kind Jan 23, 2013
The history of elemental beings including incubi and succubi or “alien-demons” by any other name is often closely associated with a variety of shapeshifting monsters and “cryptids” (from the Greek “κρύπτω” [krypto] meaning “hide”), whose existence... read more
Falcon Project - airborne strategy to track down BIG FOOT Dec 21, 2012
Falcon Project claims to be the first to employ an airborne strategy to track down BIG FOOT the elusive creature which has never been proven to exist read more
Bizarre muppet-like beast discovered Dec 21, 2012
NAMIBIAN media report a strange muppet-like beast has been shot dead after a group stumbled across several of the creatures in dense jungle. read more
Goat Man Sightings In Kentucky, Texas, Maryland Dec 21, 2012
The Goat man is a hominid cryptid most commonly associated with Louisiana, Maryland and Texas. It is described as a hybrid creature; part man and part goat. read more
The Beast of Tunbridge Wells Dec 21, 2012
The Beast of Tunbridge Wells: Terrified walker claims 8ft-tall creature with demonic red eyes and long arms roared at him in historic town's woods read more

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