Al Tomaini

On my way from Sarasota to Tampa I pulled up at Gibsonton and inquired for Al Tomaini at the restaurant he owns. I was directed to the town firehouse - Al is Gibsonton's fire chief. He had just left the firehouse. Finally I found him coming back from his fishing boat headquarters down by the bay, where he rents boats, outboard motors and fishing tackle. - William Lindsay Gresham, "Monster Midway" (1948)

Al was born in 1912, one of 7 kids, to Santos and Maria Tomaini. Early in his career he was billed as "The World's Tallest Boy" and later became known as "The American Giant" . At age 24 he married a fellow performer the half-girl Jeannie (Bernice) Weeks and they were soon advertised as the "World's Strangest Married Couple". They adopted two infant girls, Judy and Patty, and retired to Florida where Al passed away in 1962 at age 50.

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