"Captain" Gilbert Reichert

"Captain" Gilbert Reichert was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1912 to parents who were both over 6 feet tall. He married, and when his daughter Linda was born in 1949 he claimed to be 'the only giant in the world who has a child" (apparently he never heard of the Tomaini's!) When Jack Earle died in 1952 he claimed the title of "world's tallest" also. Gil trouped for 15 years with various circuses and carnivals but upon the birth of his third child in 1953 announced his "carny life is over for good" as "it's not life for a family man" but another source says he worked the 1956-58 seasons with RBB&B circus, perhaps only at their Madison Square Garden engagement. This photo shows Gilbert with midget Captain Werner Ritter in the world's smallest distillery at the Chicago World's Fair. G. Reichert's pitch ring.

He was billed as "The Motion Picture Giant" due to his appearance in Cecil B. DeMille's production of "The Greatest Show on Earth" (1952). The cast included many of the Circuses actual performers at the time.

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