Gottlieb and Alfreda Fischer

For years, the Fischers were billed as the largest couple on earth, and on meeting them you are not likely to disagree with this, yet they are not giants in the usual sense of people whose height is due to a glandular condition. They are simply big people, who come from families of big people. The Fischers are rather sensitive about stating their exact height, for in show business, against their principles, it was always exaggerated. - William Lindsay Gresham, "Monster Midway" (1948). Gottlieb and Alfreda Fischer entered show business in their native countries. He, in Austria and she, in Germany. They met in vaudeville where they both performed song and dance numbers. They fell in love and married in Hamburg in 1933. Three years later they traveled to the U.S. and were with various circuses including Ringling Brothers and were once billed as Mr. and Mrs. Long. They stayed in the business till 1949 when they retired. Shortly thereafter the Fischers opened the Pioneer apartments in Sarasota, Florida where many of their show business friends had winter homes. It is said the Fischers were both beautiful people and that none of their publicity photographs did them justice. The public adored them and due to privacy issues, later hired a manager for their apartments.
Mrs. Fischer passed away in 1984 and her husband 4 years later at the age of 81.In the photograph above, they were listed as 8' 2" and 8' respectively and weighed only 5 pounds different at 355 and 350. They are pictured with Midget Jospeh who was only 34 inches tall and weighed 45 pounds.

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