John Aasen

John Aasen with Mary Brian in a scene from "Two Flaming Youths" (1927). He played an uncredited role in the film as a circus giant. The movie's working title was "The Side Show".

Johann Aasen was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1890 and was of Norwegian heritage. He was with the Al G. Barnes circus in 1923 but I'm not sure if he trouped with any others. His ring states he was known as "The Motion Picture Giant" because he appeared in a total of 7 movies, but only one was a talkie. A clip of him from the movie "Why Worry" ( a part originally intended for giant Geore Auger) can be seen in Ari Roussimoff's documentary "Freaks Uncensored". Unfortunately, John had mental health problems and was admitted to the Mendocino, California State hospital in 1937. He passed away there August 1st, 1938.

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