Twelve Giants and Their Rings

When Patrick O'Brien, the American giant married the German Giantess in 1883 the newspapers noted that "the wedding ring weighed seventeen pennyweights and was five inches in circumference".

In 1916, the Italian giant Hugo made his third appearance in the U.S. When he passed away that year, it was noted in his obituary that he was known to amuse the circus patrons by covering a silver dollar with the ball of his thumb and passing a half dollar through his finger ring.

Around this time, huge oversized rings were being manufactured by an unknown company as a novelty item. They were purchased with a blank face later to be inscribed with a name or personal message. They were often given as a gift or token of remembrance.

The first giant to offer a ring for sale as a souvenir was Capt. George Auger, the Welsh giant (d. 1922) Possibly he or his manager took note of Hugo's display of finger size, knew of the novelty rings and put the two together creating another opportunity to make some extra cash.

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Jack Earle
Al Tomaini
Johann Petursson
George Auger
Ted Evans
Jacob Nacken
Jim Tarver
the Fischers
John Aasen
Clifford Thompson
Gilbert Reichert
Eddie Carmel

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