Poster for the Royal Alhambra Theatre featuring Babil & Bijou the Giant Amazon Queen (W. Smith) Leicester Square London 1882..
Robert Wadlow  was the tallest human in recorded history at  8′ 11″ tall and  490 lbs. He died at age 22.
Donald   Koehler had a verified height of over 8 feet.
IVORY CARVING 3 showing African Giant   - image provided by Klaus Dona
IVORY CARVING   2 - IVORY CARVING showing African Giant 2 - image provided by Klaus Dona
IVORY CARVING showing African Giant   - image provided by Klaus Dona
Clifford Marshall Thompson claimed to be 8' 7"  and the "tallest man". Cliff worked with various circuses and sideshows. He got married, earned his law degree and became a practicing lawyer and was called the Paul Bunyan ot the Legal Profession.
Al Tomaini was billed as "The World's Tallest Boy" and later became known as "The American Giant" .
Ted Evans
Jim Tarver, claimed to measure 8 feet 4 inches in height. became known as The Texas Giant, Texas Jim or What-A-Man-Tarver. He travelled with various circuses for 26 years.
Johann Petursson, eight-feet-eight-inch giant from Iceland and worked with the the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus and in films. (Photo from corbis).
Ted Evans was from Ashford, England. This Kobel photo was taken in 1946 when he was training to be a boxer.
John Aasen with Mary Brian in a scene from "Two Flaming Youths" (1927), worked with the Al G. Barnes circus and appeared in 7 movies.
Jakob (or Jacob) Nacken was born in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1906. He came to the U.S. to appear at the 1939-40 New York World's Fair, was billed as "the world's largest Nazi" and later as the "world's biggest Santa Claus" and eventually became a citizen.
Bao Xishun, a 56 year-old herdsman from Inner Mongolia, is the world's tallest man and measures 2.36m (7ft 9) tall. Bao was of normal height until 16 but then put on a spurt that doctors were unable to explain.
This Ivory carving portrays a giant from Africa with 6 fingers and 12 toes on each foot. This several-thousand-year-old artifact portrays a "White Male, horned, 24-foot tall Giant". These giants were alive, according to the locals, up until 1,000 years ag
Clifford Thompson "Count Olaf" 8' 6"; 1906-
Naseer Ahmaad Soomro - Pakistan; 1970
World's biggest woman: from Holland, stands 7'4" (~223cm) tall, and weighs 320 lbs (145 kg)!
World's biggest woman: from Holland, stands 7'4" (~223cm) tall, and weighs 320 lbs (145 kg)!
World's biggest woman: from Holland, stands 7'4" (~223cm) tall, and weighs 320 lbs (145 kg)!
Johann Svarfdælingur/ Petursson; 8' 8" 1913-1984
Johann Svarfdælingur/ Petursson; El Paso 1951
Afgan giant
Robert Wadlow
George Auger with Paul Horompo of Horvath's Midgets.
Giant William Bradley
Lutteur Ant, age 22
Chinois - Chwang-in-sing
Ella Ewing, - Missouri
Femur (human thigh bone)
Russian giant
"K", tambour- major of the 101st regiment
William Olding, age 19 in 1942
Russian giant Machnov 7' 11" 1882-1905
Hugo, age 25 - 8' 2-1/2"
Maximilian Christopher Miller 1674-1734
Machnov in London at the Hippodrome
Russian giant - Machnov; 9' 3" 1882-1905
Mongolian man, - 7' 5"; photo: 1922
Angus McAskill - 7' 9" 1825-1863

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