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Ancient Book Could Reveal Secret to Improved Warfare
Ancient Chambers Span Across Beneath Northern Arizona
Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley?
Ancient Contacts in the Americas
Ancient European Skeleton Recovered in West Virginia Cave
Ancient India Had Spacecraft Technology
Ancient Links Suggested Between Mexico and Indus Valley
Ancient Mining on the Shores of Lake Superior
Ancient Nuclear Blasts and Levitating Stones of Shivapur
Ancient Star Pictures
Ancient Sanxingdui Ruins, New Digging to Probe Mystery
Ancient Tablet Echoes Bible Passage
Ancient Tombs and Shrines Faced Sun and Stars
Ancient Village Found Under Illinois Soil
Archaeological Coverups
Archeologist Unearths Biblical Controversy
Archaeologists Find Ancient Statue
Archaeologists Puzzled: an Alien or Just a Retarded Child
Archaeologists Study Ancient US Canals
Archaeologists ID Traces of Siloam 'Miracle' Pool
Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Egyptian Tombs
Ark of the Covenant, Kabbalist Blesses Jones: Now's the Time to Find Holy Lost
Astonishing Skull Unearthed in Africa

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- Amazing Cave People of Malta
- Ancient Alexandria Older Than We Thought?
- Ancient Egyptians in Australia: Incredible Evidence
- Ancient Egyptian City in the Grand Canyon?
- Ancient Egyptian Treasures in the Grand Canyon
- Ancient Gold Unearthed in Sudan
- Ancient Pyramids in China
- Ancient Tomb Found in Mexico Reveals Mass Child Sacrifice
- Ancient Tools At High Desert Site Go Back 135,000 Years
- Ancient Underground Cities of Turkey
- Archaeologists Find Tomb Thought to be Apostle Paul's
- Archaeologists Look to the Earth for Minoan Fate
- Archaeologists Uncover 'Bulgarian Machu Pichu'
- Archaeologists Uncover Goliath's Hometown
- Ariz. Archaeologists Find Hohokam Canals
- Atlantis "Evidence" Found in Spain and Ireland


Baalbek Megaliths - Ancient Anomalies
Baja California Rock Art Dated to 7,500 Years Ago
Biblical Scroll Fragments Found in Israel
Biblical Tunnel Authenticated by Radio-Dating
Boy Jesus, Did He Look Like This?
Brain Legacy of Ancient Cannibals
Britons Find Ancient Empire That Made Sahara Bloom
Bryn Celli Ddu Burial Chamber and Henge

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- Bermuda Triangle - Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle
- Baalbek - A Colossal Enigma
- Brittanys Ancient Stones Said to be Erected By Giants, Haunted By Fairies

Canadians May Have Found Lost City
Canyon Holds Ancient Civilization Secrets
Cavemen Painting for Their Gods, Were?
Chinese Made First Use of Diamond
Chocolates Frothy Past

External Links and Resources

- China Finds 2,000-Year-Old City
- Colchis Sepulcher Proves Authenticity of the Myth About Argonauts

Damnation of Crystal Skulls - He Who Reveals the Secret Dies
Descendants of the Dragon confirmed at the Liaohe River Valley
DNA Extracted from Blood Of 1.8-Million-Year-Old Hominid

External Links and Resources

- DEAD Sea Scrolls Texts: The Book of Giants
- Devils Trails are Worlds Oldest Human Footprints
- Dig for Ancient Pyramid in Bosnia
- Dinosaur Petroglyphs in Arizona
- Discovery of 12,000-year-old Temple Complex Could Alter Theory of Human Development

Edom Unearthed?
Egypt's lost pyramids found on Google Earth?
Europes Oldest Civilisation Found
Evidence Hints at Earlier Humans in Americas
Evidence for Ancient Atomic Warfare - Part 1
Evidence for Ancient Atomic Warfare - Part 2
Experts Study Skeletal Remains in Utah
Explorations in Grand Canyon
Exploration Of Submerged Megalithic Structures Resumes Off Cuba
Explorers Find Lost Inca Town in Peru

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- Egyptologists Find War Goddess and Nubian King
- Eleven-Millennium-Old Building Discovered in Syria
- Evidence of Noahs Flood? There Were Giants in Those Days
- Exploring Tibets Lost Civilization

Fake Giant Photos
Finaeus Map
First Americans Arrived Around 18,000 Years Ago, Genetic Evidence Suggests
First Andes Civilisation Explored
Footprints, Oldest Human Found
Forbidden History of Early Mankind
Forbidden History - Covered Up Again!
Fossil Ape May Be Ancestor of All Apes - Report
Four Civilizations and the Tragedy They Experienced

External Links and Resources

- Footloose: Men, Nine Yards Tall!

Gene Wars From Antiquity And The Coming Of Armageddon
Giants and Dinosaurs Together?!
Giants: Fact or Fiction?
Giant Figures Unearthed in Peru
Gilgamesh Tomb Believed Found
Goliath Found?
Greek Alphabet Was In Use at 6000 BC

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- Giant Bones Challenged 18th-Century Intellectuals
- Giants in the Earth Part I: Giants of the Ancient Near East

History of Humans Unravels as Scholar Exposed as Fraud

External Links and Resources

- Homers Ithaca Possibly Found Thanks to New Geologic Research


Iceman, Scientist Seen as Latest Victim of Indian Mounds Mystify Excavators
Indiana Jones Robot to Probe Great Pyramid

External Links and Resources

- Ica Stones of Peru
- Israeli Archaeologist May Have Found Tomb of King Herod

Jesus First Miracle Said Found, Site of
John the Baptist Cave Discovered


External Links and Resources

- Kennewick Man
- Kennewick Man Skeletal Find May Revolutionalize Americas History
- Keys to Ancient Egyptian Technology Found

Letters & Notes on Manners, Customs, Conditions of N. American Indians
Library of Alexandria Discovered
The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone
Lost City of Atlantis, Explorers on the Trail of
Lost City of Atlantis Found Off the Coast of Cyprus
Lost Cities of the Amazon Found

External Links and Resources

- Little People of the Cherokee
- Lost City Could Rewrite History
- Lost City of the DEAD in the Grand Canyon
- Lost City of the DEAD in the Grand Canyon


Map of the Creator - 120 Million Year Old Map Found - Proof Of Ancient Civilization
Mayan Solar Observations Confirmed by Scientists
Megalithic Grids, Blood & Cannibals On Mars
Mesa Verde Slowly Revealing Secrets of Anasazi Culture
Mexico: Forgotten Ruins and Ancient Astronauts
Mysteries of the Yellow Emperor
Mysterious Finds, Million-Year-Old

External Links and Resources

- Malta Temples and Tombs
- Mars/Moon/Ancient Sites Connections
- Meet the Boy Too Big for His Moms SUV

NASA Discovers 1,750,000-Year-Old Ramayana Bridge Between India and Sri Lanka
Neanderthal = Nephilim? Carbon 14 Dating?
Neanderthals Were Cannibals
New Chemical Testing Points to Ancient Origin for Burial Shroud of Jesus
Noahs Ark Found? - Company Claims Picture Proof
Noahs Flood in Black Sea (Hunt for Evidence of)
Nuclear Catastrophe in Paleoindian Times, A?

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- Nasa Shuttle Images of Ramayan Bridge
- Naree Pons
- New Worlds Tallest Man Stands at a Towering 8ft 5ins

Oldest Evidence of Jesus? - Buriel Box Inscribed in Aramaic - Biblical Artifact Now Labeled a Fake
Oldest Human Fossils Discovered in Ethiopia
Oldest Religious Icon in Americas

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- Oldest Known Bible to Go Online
- Oldest New World Writing Found
- Oldest Star Chart Found

Paleopuzzle: Chomping With No Chompers
Physical Evidence of Atlantis
Piri Reis Map
Platos Atlantis - Chapter 1
Platos Atlantis - Chapter 2
Platos Atlantis - Chapter 3
Peru Finds Pre-Inca Ruins Beneath Lake Titicaca
- Philistine Temple Ruins Uncovered in Goliaths Hometown
Prehistoric Art Reveals Skills of Britains Cave Dwellers
Prehistoric Moon Map Unearthed
- Professors Digs May Be Key to Discovering Infamous Cities
- Pyramid Architects Final Resting Place
- Pyramids in the Pacific: The Unwritten History of Australia, Chapter 1

External Links and Resources

Queens Pyramid Found Near Cairo


Raiders of the Lost Ark
Remains of Genghis Khan Palace Unearthed
Rio Grande Artifacts May Yield New Clues
Rise and Fall of the Mayan Empire
Ruins Support Myth of Romes Founding

External Links and Resources

- Radar Reveals Vast Medieval Cambodian City
- Remains of Chickasawba Giants Found in 1870
- Russian Geneticists to Reveal Alien’s DNA Mystery

Sacrificial Burial Deepens Mystery at Teotihuacan, But Confirms the Citys Militarism
Scientists Probe Sunken City, Civilization in Cuba
Secret Chinese Pyramids Evidence of Alien Visitors?
Shrine to Hercules Unearthed
Spiral Ring Reveals Ancient Complex Machines Used in China
Spirits in the Stones
Staff of Moses Found in Birmingham
Star Chart From the Ice Age Found
Star Chart - Oldest Found
Starchild Mystery

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- Satellites Find Ancient Egyptian Metropolis Satellites Search for Ancient Artifact
- Scythian Mummy in Mongolia
- Surfing The Apocalypse

Taiwans Own Ancient Astronaut Theory
Tomb Dig Findings Shrouded in Mystery
Tombs From Egypts Golden Age Found
Tomb References John the Baptists Father
Top 10 Ancient Civilizations With Advanced Technology
Top Ten Out-Of-Place Artifacts
Traditions of Atlantis
Tsunami Throws Up India Relics
Turin Shroud Not a Medieval Fake, Scientist Says

Underwater Discoveries Give Credence to Ancient Legends
Unsolved Mysteries: an Exhibition of Unsolved Mysteries and Enigmatic Findings in the History of Humanity (PDF)

Vimanas - The Ancient Flying Machines


Was America Discovered in 1170
Weird Skeletons in Mankinds Closet Giant Skeletons...
Women Warriors From Amazon Fought for Britains Roman Army

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- Walking with Giants
- Weinzweig, Dr. Paul interview on Underwater City Off Cuba


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- Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe


2,000-year-old Bottle of Wine Found in Tomb
26,000-year-old Arch Supports?
30,000-year-old Figurines Found in German Cave
500,000 Year Old Spark Plug?
70 000-Year-Old Stones Cut by Laser? (JPG)

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- 200-Year-Old Seeds Breathe Again
- 7,000 Years Older Than Stonehenge: the Site That Stunned Archaeologists
- 7,000-Year Old City Found in Egypt

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