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Accounts of Giants in the United Kingdom

Page One

Acrobatic Giant
African Giantess
Amazon Queen
Antoninus, Marcus
Arthur, King
Auger, George
Bell, Thomas
Blacker, Henry
Boudicca, the Giant Queen
Boyd, Susannah
British Phenomenon
Bunford, Jane
Byrne, Charles

Page Two

Byrne, Charles [Cont.]
Caesar's Triumph over the Giants
Cangick Giant
Celtic Bones

Page Three

Celtic Giants
Colbrand the Giant vs Sir Guy of Warwick
Cornwall, Edmund

Page Four

Derby Giant
Donnadea Chieftain
Elizabeth's Giant
Evans, William
Ewelm's Giant Bones
Fullwell-hills' Giant
Gateshead Moor Giant
Gilead's Giants
Glastonbury Giant

Page Five

Harald, Giant Viking King
Isle of Man Giants
John of Gaunt
Joyce, the Mighty Giant
Knipe Twins
Little John
Longmore, Edward
MacDonald, James
MacGrath, Cornelius

Page Six

MacCool, Finn
Malone, Edmund
McAskill, Angus "Big Boy"
M'Donald, Big Sam
Middleton, John
Murphy, the Irish Giant
Nabontree, Shawn

Page Seven

Norfolk Giant
O'Brien, Patrick Cotter
O'Brien's Scottish Rival
O'Tool, Phelim
Parsons, Walter
Payne, Antony
Portrush Giantess
Pritchard on Irish Giants
Repton Giants
St. Bees' Giant
Sir Guy of Warwick (See Colbrand)
Somersetshire Giantess
Stock, Elizabeth
Toller, James
Tregoney Giant
Wotton Giant
York Twins

Page Eight


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