Skull of Giant found in 1940

This ancient giant skull (about twice the normal size) was found in 1940 in Victoria County, Texas. I don't know how tall this individual was, but he'd probably be able to lick salt of Yao Ming's scalp. Of course, you and I both know thousands of such skulls, and larger yet, have been found every friggin where on this planet..

Apparently Maui is a real hot spot of giant discoveries: 8 to 12 foot Red haired skeletons in lava caves were said to have been found behind Olowalu canyon some years back, and also at Ulupalakua, and the cemetaries around Waihee.

I also did some research regarding the Red-headed Si-Te-Cah, and apparently Nevada State Museum still has some ancient giant woven SANDALS taken from lovelock cave that are almost 16 INCHES long, (equivalent to a Size 22 men's shoe) and were obviously worn by someone approximately 8 feet tall. —submitted by James Strouse

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