Think giants were "some place else?" A figment of fairy tales? Read these historical accounts of giants in North America:

  • Skull of Giant found in 1940 in Victoria County, Texas
  • Texas Giant Human Skull
  • Mysterious Mummies Found in Death Valley Desert
  • Giants in Americas - Death Valley, California - Cavern Temp
  • The Karankawa
  • New York: Land of Giants and Ancient Ruins
  • Hidden Proofs of a Giant Race
  • Facts for the Times; A Collection of Valuable Historical Extracts
  • Giants and Ancient North American Warfare
  • "Gigantic" Newcomers to the St. Lawrence River Valley
  • Idaho's Flood-Giants Remembered
  • Niagara's Ancient Cemetery of Giants
  • Giants Reported Found in Marion County, WV
  • The Kossuth Giants
  • Slant Eyed Giants - North Carolina

    External Links and Resources

  • Mounds, Megaliths and Giants of North America
  • Aaron Wright, Solomon Spalding - GIANTS of Conneaut
  • Giants of Blythe
  • Giant Mound Builders of Erie
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